Adaptive radiation

The role of structural variation in adaptive variation

Collaborative project with David Bruy (IRD New Caledonia), Jerome Munzinger (IRD Marseille), Isabelle Henry (UC Davis), Lucas Comai (UC Davis), Takashi Akagi (Kyoto University), Barbara Turner (Boku Vienna). More details on our past research.

Project members from the University of Vienna: Christina Hedderich, Ovidiu Paun, Rose Samuel.

The project is part of the Vienna Graduate School of Population Genetics, funded thorugh the Doctoral Programs at Centers of Excellence (Doktoratskollegs - DK) of the Austrian Science Fund (FWF).

Samuel R, Dunagii S, Turner B, Munzinger J, Paun O, Barfuss MHJ, Chase MW. 2019. Systematics and evolution of the Old World Ebenaceae, a review with emphasis on the large genus Diospyros and its radiation in New Caledonia. Botanical Journal of the Linnenan Society 189: 99-114.

Paun O, Turner B, Trucchi E, Munzinger J, Chase MW, Samuel R. 2016. Processes driving the adaptive radiation of a tropical tree (Diospyros, Ebenaceae) in New Caledonia, a biodiversity hotspot. Systematic Biology 65: 212-217.

Turner B, Paun O, Munzinger J, Chase MW, Samuel R. 2016. Sequencing of whole plastid genomes and nuclear ribosomal DNA of Diospyros species (Ebenaceae) endemic to New Caledonia: many species, little divergence. Annals of Botany 117: 1175-1185.

Nicotiana Sect. Suaveolenthes radiates in the Australian desert

Project in collaboration with Mark Chase (RBG Kew, UK). Project members from the University of Vienna: Ovidiu Paun, Aljaz Jakob, Rose Samuel.

Project funded by Austrian Science Fund (FWF) to Rose Samuel.